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Full-service insurance and risk management solutions, For further information about our suite of Property products, you may reach us through the number below.

8 878-5411

Why Choose AIG for Property Insurance?

In a country like the Philippines, where earthquakes, typhoons and other natural calamities often happen, threats to the physical properties of businesses are always present.

Property damage could be wide-ranging and could cause business interruption, reduced productivity and even financial losses for any given company.

AIG Property solutions

This policy provides you with coverage for your property against loss or damage caused by fire and lightning, and allied perils such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, falling aircraft, impact damage, volcanic eruption, riot, strike and malicious damage. Additional covers may be added to meet the needs of the business. There is an option to include Machinery Breakdown cover, Electronic Equipment Insurance cover, and Business Interruption in this policy.

We offer market-leading insurance solutions to cover financial losses arising from an incident at your property caused by acts of terrorism. Coverage can be customized to meet the distinct needs of the business. Business interruption cover can also be included.