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Comprehensive plan insuring Marine-related liabilities, For further information about our suite of Marine products, you may reach us through the numbers below.

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Why Choose AIG for Marine Insurance?

As goods move across oceans – whether port to port, or warehouse to warehouse – keeping them safe and secure becomes both increasingly important and increasingly difficult. The risks of theft or damage to goods in transit are always present.

To help you to counter these risks, we at AIG offer flexible, tailored marine insurance coverage for importers, exporters, distributors and manufacturers, vessel charterers/operators, inland marine and marine operations in the Philippines and around the globe.

AIG Marine Solutions

Coverage against liability for physical damages to the chartered vessel (including demurrage) as well as Protection and Indemnity claims. The policy covers the insured for their legal liability and contractual liability as stipulated under the charter party agreement.

Also known as Contactor’s Equipment cover, this is a comprehensive solution for assets that are moveable or mobile in nature, in transit or in storage, where specialization is needed or where unique exposures exist.

Comprehensive coverage for goods in transit, can be enhanced to include warehouse, storage or consolidation risks arising out of their forwarding services as defined in their contract of afreightment.

This covers the movement of goods from point A to point B against accidental loss or damage. Clients range from importers, exporters, manufacturers, logistic operators or large cargo (infrastructure) operations to multinational seeking tailored insurance solutions that can be location specific or part of a worldwide master policy program.

Covers all goods and/or merchandise and/or equipment and/or interest of every type and description shipped in connection with the project, and delays in start-up. This indemnifies the project owner for loss of income and related expenses resulting from delay in start-up of a commercial operation.

Liability insurance for any damage to third party’s vessel while it is under the care, custody, and control of the ship repairer.

This covers the terminal operator’s liability for damage to vessels, cargo and property of others arising out of its insured operation, while it’s in their care, custody, and control.

This policy is often described as a “cradle to grave” cover suited for companies that import, export, and distribute goods. It provides coverage for loss or damage to inventory and goods, all the way through production and to the destination, whether in transit or stored at owned or third party premises.