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Broad range of coverage for energy risks, For further information about our suite of Energy products, you may reach us through the number below.

 8 878-5413

Why Choose AIG for Energy Insurance?

With global industrialization on an upswing, the demand for energy increases, and so does the chances for mishaps, like boiler and machinery breakdowns.

Since energy as an industry is highly complex and specialized, we believe it takes the same degree of specialization to help properly address the insurance and risk management needs of those engaged in these businesses.

With our global insurance cover, large capacity and technical expertise, AIG is in a very competitive position to help your business face any energy-related challenge or opportunity with confidence.

AIG Energy Solutions

This policy provides onshore insurance for a complete range of energy and related businesses in the oil and petrochemicals, power generation, chemical, and mining industries.

Constractors All Risk/ Erection All Risk (CAR / EAR) provides an all risks cover during the construction period against loss or damage to property and third party liability for accidental bodily injury or property damage in connection with the performance of the contract.