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Delivering Excellence in the moments that you need us most

When you buy insurance from AIG, you can have confidence that we stand ready to help you recover quickly when the unexpected happens. The claims operation that underpins every AIG policy is one of our greatest strengths, with a strong local claims team backed by our global network of expertise to support you when you face a loss.

We pride ourselves on our claims team who has the appropriate skills, training, experience, and authority. We approach the process in a proactive and collaborative manner, working with the customer to identify the best solution in a timely manner. Above all else, we value their trust. They have entrusted their risks to us, and it’s a responsibility we shoulder proudly.

The AIG Philippines Claims Advantages

Report a Claim

Each of our risk solutions has its own dedicated claims team so we can give your claim the attention it deserves. Click the button and we'll show you the appropriate contact information or next steps.

Watch AIG Claims Excellence video.

Did you know that AIG is using robotics and automation to assess claims immediately and expedite payment for straight-through claims processing?

What to expect when you file a claim

With every claim, big or small, we take pride in delivering responsive, fair and professional service. Our global experts will maintain open and regular communication with you throughout the lifecycle of the claim.

Claims Service

In 2014, we established a new framework to further strengthen our claims service:

  • We’ve aligned the specialization of our people by the line of insurance and the complexity of loss. The customers will then benefit from their specific technical knowledge and experience of the local markets, legislation and practice.
  • We’ve created specialist administration teams to handle administrative and support functions, creating operational efficiencies.
  • We process claim settlement faster.
  • We give the customers greater peace of mind when it’s needed most, with increased capacity in the event of a catastrophe.

When you make a claim, it’s our opportunity to keep our promise to you. We tailor our approach to each claim, looking for the best way to move it toward resolution in the least possible time, while being sensitive to your needs.

When settling a claim, speed and accuracy is important. Our expert team will then handle your claim efficiently and professionally, helping you to recover from your loss as quickly as possible.

For less complicated claims, all we need from you is brief pre-defined information to enable us to quickly settle the matter.

For larger losses, you have the advantage of dealing directly with the decision-maker, and you can rely on our team having authorized, specific knowledge and experience of local legislation and practice.