AIG Continues to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

AIG employee volunteers participated in the second implementation of Junior Achievement (JA) Philippines' program, "JA It's My Business!" Aiming to help develop and prepare the students for future success, they dedicated a full day as business teachers to 100 Sixth Grade students of Itaas Elementary School on October 15, 2015.

Like the implementation of the first program, several business concepts were introduced to these young minds: the 4C’s of business - Customer, Company, Competition and Community; the different types of products; and the 5P’s of marketing - Product, Place, Promotion, Price, and Profit. Throughout the program, these concepts were taught through several activities.

According to Maria Antoneth Bardonemployee volunteer from Payment Support, “I’m so honored to be part of  "JA It’s My Business!" program. Through this activity, I was able to touch lives of these little kids and somehow help them to open up their minds to do better for our economics and their future.”

At the end of the program, each student was asked to reflect and create their own entrepreneur profile. The aim of this activity was to help them envision their dreams and build each individual’s self-esteem towards achieving it.

A number of them have also shared a few words on their one-day JA experience:

“It’s a delight to witness the hope in the eyes of our younger generation where dreams and reality can collide.”

- Romica Anna P. Nolasco, Employee Volunteer/Underwriting Support Services

“I think the acquisition of wisdom falls from these steps: silence, listening, learning, memorizing, practicing, and teaching others what you’ve learned.”

- Dave Christian Caparas, Employee Volunteer/Claims Support: Medicare Reports

“Imparting knowledge to the next generation has never been this fulfilling. Thanks to JA and AIG partnership which created a venue for employees to share their experiences, time and ideas to students in a very cohesive and interactive way. This activity made me realize how valuable and impactful we are to the lives of those kids. Eight hours may not be enough but the hope for a brighter future we instilled to their young minds will go a long way.”

- Markien King B. Serrano, Employee Volunteer/Trade Credit

"Happiness in one day. ”

- Alexandria Bernabe, Employee Volunteer/Claims Support: Licensing Maintenance and ALCE

"Effort not only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit."

- Ricardo Torremoro, Jr., Employee Volunteer/Quality Management

"I volunteered to teach kids about business but they showed me more important things in life."

    - Katrina Hazel Malagday, Employee Volunteer/TSSU

"It was a very memorable and fulfilling experience to be a business mentor to these young minds. I strongly believe that someday the knowledge that we impart to them will make a difference."

- Erros Ronel Que, Employee Volunteer/New Business ARC-DE

"My experience was awesome not only because the students learned from us, but because we learned from them too. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to impart our knowledge to the students of Itaas Elementray School."

         - Jessa May Belga, Employee Volunteer/Validation

"It’s an honor to be part of AIG-JA volunteer program, "JA It’s My Business!" This experience made me realize how big the need was in education here in the Philippines. Truly, it’s an eye-opener and a channel in educating children in a different way.

Brenda Garcia, Employee Volunteer/Medical Bills Front-End Processing


“Happy and overwhelmed. They are very creative and innovative. Ive learned so much from them.  Keep it up all new generations. It’s a perfect experience.”

Rowena AprietoEmployee Volunteer/ELPIE


“When you’re looking for yourself and you found it there. HAPPY and FULFILLED.”

Sarah Grace AbejuelaEmployee Volunteer/US Commercial Fusion – MLB