AIG Continues to Further First Graders’ Financial Education

Through AIG's partnership with Junior Achievement (JA) Philippines, 19 AIG employee volunteers continued to nurture First Grade students with financial education through the Junior Achievement program, "JA Ourselves." The second session was held at Alabang Elementary School on October 8, 2015.

During the second session of the "JA Ourselves" program, Elek TothHead of Philippines Shared Services and JA Philippines Board of Trustees, joined the employee volunteers during story-telling. Elek said about his experience:

“This was an experience I will treasure; I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of hours with this class of first graders and they were so enthusiastic. I admit I was a bit intimidated at first, as the children were having a rollicking good time, but in the end they were wonderfully engaged and genuinely welcoming. I hope my visit was a highlight for all the kids, as it was very fulfilling for me. The exuberance, appreciation, and joy on display was heartwarming and I am looking forward to investing more time in helping to prepare more children for their future. It’s important that we try our best to shape the best possible future for all.”

The JA program not only aimed to extend aid to fill the skills gap, but it also provided an avenue for AIG employees to obtain fulfillment as they were able to impart their knowledge to the youth. They prepared their own teaching methods, from AIG chants to games that were played in between story-telling.

 "There is no better investment than to make a difference in a child's life through a little act of volunteerism. What a great feeling to be of service!"

- Chiny C. Cotejar, Contact Center Workforce Management      


"JA Ourselves gave me an opportunity to inspire and be inspired."

- Hannah Andrea C. Bautista, Testing Shared Services Utility

"It was so light yet very fun way to teach responsible resource management to kids especially during their formative years. The kids were so active and participative."

- Wilma Sotto, EBS Contact Center

"My AIG-JA Volunteer experience was rewarding and exhilarating; it has unleashed both the child and the 'Ate' in me."

- Christina Richelle Cabael, Testing Shared Services Utility

"Being a teacher in a day is a fun-filled experience. I realized that this profession needs a lot of patience especially if the students are getting bubbly. In all fairness to my students, they are listening attentively and if I asked them questions, they responded in chorus. Another thing, when we are doing the activities, some students are very eager to finish their seatwork and asked the other volunteers if they are doing the right thing. Overall, this is one of the many things that I am proud of that happen in my life. And if given a chance to be part again of this activity, please consider my will to serve again as one of your volunteers."

- Kevin Jay Lopez, US UW Team-Workers Compensation


"It’s a very rewarding and fulfilling feeling to be part of the JA. It’s not an everyday thing that we get to share our knowledge to the kids. To see the kids smile and appreciate even the smallest things makes me realize that 'Life is Good.'"

- Lovely Malibiran, UK CSG


"Sharing lessons that nurtures young minds fulfills my heart’s desire to help. JA Ourselves program is worth the labor indeed!"

- John G. Gipit, Reinstatements Team


"The JA volunteer program made my AIG employment more meaningful and memorable. It reminded me how rewarding it is to be able to inspire others. Overall, it was a fun and exciting experience. Kudos to all! "

- Dangeline Darryl B. Forteza, Corporate Finance


"Expressly, the older teaches the younger. Impliedly, the younger teaches the older."

- Ledgardo Bosea, UK CSG