Purchase Protect Claims

How to make a claim?

1. Fill out the Purchase Protect Claims Form.

2. Aside from the duly accomplished  Purchase Protect Claims form, please submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the purchase receipt showing payment of the item was made entirely with an Eligible Account;
  • A copy and full description including price of the item advertised that was purchased;
  • Copies of all communications with the seller for non-delivery, incomplete delivery and/or damage of the delivered goods;
  • Shipment tracking number and Courier company / driver used for delivery of goods;
  • For Damaged Goods claim, we may require you to send in the damaged item(s), at your expense, for further evaluation of your claim.
  • Eligible Account holder’s statement of account providing evidence that transaction was not cancelled and the Eligible Account is valid and in good standing at the time of filing claim.
  • Valid ID. The name should be consistent with the registered Account holder’s name.

Note: AIG reserves the right to request the damaged goods to be sent to the AIG office, at the claimant’s expense.