Personal Accident Claims

How to make a claim?

1. Fill out the Accident/Sickness Insurance Claim form from AIG Philippines website.

2. Submit the following documents:

  • Accident/Sickness Insurance claim form
  • Attending physician’s report form
  • Police investigation report or statement of witnesses
  • Copy of the certificate of Insurance
  • Proof of premium payment

      A.  For accidental death, submit the following:

  • Birth certificate of the Insured and Beneficiary(ies) –  authenticated copy
  • Death certificate – authenticated copy
  • Marriage contract – authenticated copy
  • Autopsy report
  • Toxicology report

      B.  For dismemberment/disablement, submit:

  • EENT specialist’s certification in case of loss of sight
  • Medical specialist’s certification on the medical/physical condition of the Insured        
  • Photos showing the latest condition of the Insured
  • Other documents that our claims department may require