Environmental Impairment Liability Claims

How to make a claim?

The Insured must:

•          Give immediate notice to the Company with full particulars which includes copies of Incident Report, summons/complaint and other pertinent documents;

•          Act as prudently uninsured and take all steps within its power to minimize the loss or damage;

•          In all instances, never admit nor repudiate liability, negotiate or make any admission, offer promises or payment in connection with any incident or accident or claim without the written prior consent of the Company.

•          Cooperate with the authorized representative of the Company in the conduct of investigation.

•          Allow the Company to have complete control in the conduct of negotiation and settlement of any claim.

•          Refer all letters and communications to the Company without either admitting liability or attempting to repudiate.

•          Submit all pertinent documents.

Points to consider:

•          The policy is triggered by environmental impairment which may cause third-party bodily injury and/or third-party property damage.

•          In case an occurrence is considered a covered claim, the defense cost is also triggered; subject to the Policy’s Terms and Conditions.

How claim is settled?

•          Settlements are usually based on the actual cost incurred in the treatment of third-party bodily injury or cost of repair/reinstatement of damaged third-party property to its original state prior to the incident.

•          Financial loss suffered by a third party following an occurrence, subject to presentation of relevant documents.

•          Awards and/or consequential consideration as ordered by the Court, excluding uninsurable award/s.

•          Any award/compensation/settlement agreed by all parties.