Financial Lines

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Financial Lines

With over 95 years of experience in helping businesses around the world, we know the various challenges that companies face, and we understand how quickly they can change.  AIG’s broad insurance covers are specifically designed to respond to the management exposures of public, private, and non-profit companies.

We constantly improve our products to stay up to date with developments in regulation reform and market trends, making sure that our customers are insured against both current and emerging risks.

Financial Lines at a Glance

In today’s world, the hallmark of any successful business is its ability to adapt and respond in an ever changing risk environment. Businesses which demonstrate this agility position themselves well to attract long-term investment, high quality board members, best-in-class people and sustainable profitability.

At AIG, our financial lines solutions are crafted to assist businesses achieve this success. Our insurance products do more than just protect balance sheets. They safeguard reputations by providing access to a team of experts that help guide you when the unexpected happens.

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