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Contractor's Pollution Liability

Environmental insurance cover designed to address risks faced by contractors against pollution releases, including third-party bodily injury and property damage claims, as well as clean-up costs arising from pollution released due to covered operations and work performed.

Pollution Legal Liability

Environmental insurance cover designed for fixed operating facilities. It provides comprehensive cover to address the environmental risks and exposures faced by businesses. It covers costs related to third-party bodily injury and property damage, legal costs, and clean-up costs.

A heightened level of public awareness around environmental issues and ongoing developments in regulation means that businesses are increasingly responsible for environmental damage. For Philippine businesses, the impact of environmental issues and the liabilities arising from them can be large and complicated. They also face new liabilities to compensate society for the damage done until it is cleaned up and restored. These are complex liabilities that companies are facing today.

Clients in various industries are subject to environmental risk and liability, creating a need for comprehensive coverage that addresses their exposures. AIG offers two products under Environmental Impairment Liability that are developed in response to the environmental exposures faced by businesses today.