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Airport operators face an expanding range of perils. Society is ever more litigious, regulatory scrutiny is increasing, shareholders are becoming more active, terrorism remains an ever-present threat, and new liabilities such as environmental and cyber risks are emerging.

AIG has been helping the aviation industry address these risks with a suite of products for aircraft owners and operators, airport owners and operators, and aircraft product manufacturers. With over 65 years of global experience in aviation risk management, AIG has the expertise and proven track record to provide specific insurance solutions to address aviation-related exposures.

We offer insurance solutions against the financial consequences of being sued by third parties and passengers for liability arising from the operation of aircraft, airport facilities and the provision of goods and services to the aerospace industry. We help our clients manage the financial impact of their losses, using the most cost-efficient policies whilst also maintaining the security of the hull of the aircraft.

Product Highlights

Aerospace Products Liability

This coverage is for products manufactured for aircraft or aircraft suppliers.

We provide aircraft/aerospace product liability for aircraft part manufacturers, component part manufacturers and sub-contractors. This covers damages arising from personal injury, including bodily injury and for damage to or destruction of property. We are also able to offer grounding liability and working parties extensions.

Ground Handlers

Coverage is for ground handlers at airport locations/premises. We provide aerospace liability coverage for damage to third party property including aircraft and bodily injury arising from baggage/cargo handling, laundry passenger assistance, aircraft cleaning, aircraft towing and air bridge operations.

Fixed Wing Aircraft

Coverage is for Aircraft Hull and Liability. We provide coverage for aircraft hull all risks, including hull war risks and third party liability including passenger legal liability.

Airport Cover

Coverage is for airport owners/operators. We provide coverage for airport/aerospace liability for control tower liability including aircraft movements, terminal building liability, security services for baggage/passenger screening and internal/external security.

Airport Contractor Liability

Coverage is for contractors/operators at airport locations/premises. We provide aerospace airside liability coverage for contractors at airports including; construction of airport buildings, construction of airfield/runways, general maintenance on airport premises; terminal buildings, airside locations, apron/taxiway/runway work.

Aerospace Refueller’s Liability

Coverage is for aerospace fuel refiners, distributors, dealers and refueling operations. We provide aerospace liability coverage for the product liability arising from the supply of aerospace fuel as well the physical operations airside at airport premises, and safeguards against damage to aircraft.

Helicopter/Rotor Wing

Coverage is for Aircraft Hull and Liability. We provide coverage for aircraft hull all risks, including hull war risks and third party liability including passenger legal liability.

Airline Catering Liability

Coverage is for catering suppliers and distributors providing food and drinks to airline/aircraft operators. We provide aerospace liability coverage for product liability arising out of the supply of food and drinks as well as the physical operations airside at airport premises, and insures against damage resulting from operations up to and on board aircraft.